We clear the way allowing you to gain access to those remote, wet locations previously limited in their productivity.  Using our light weight, amphibious Marsh Master cutter, we can bushhog, mow, spray and root out invasive vegetation such as phramgite returning your rice fields, duck ponds, and wet areas to their functional state, while leaving a low ground impact with a minimal environmental footprint.  

This is one Boss Hog you have to see!


Our service, as well as our equipment, is durable and reliable. We are tenacious in getting the job done.

We have multi-functional capabiity from bushhogging, mowing, spraying and transporting personnel to remote locations. We can accomplish these jobs faster and more efficiently.

     859-396-1030 or 843-485-2988

We can go where no other tractor or track equipment can go, navigating rice fields, wet areas, dikes, and canals.

Our lightweight, low impact Marsh Master cutter respects enviromental

habitats by leaving a minimal footprint

while rooting out invasive plant species.

              Marsh Hog Services​