Duck Ponds

We all know the two things ducks need to return year after year are food and appropriate cover.  Invasive  plants such as phragmites and cattails do very little to inspire confidence in the waterfowl population that you are trying to draw in.  If you are serious about the successful return of your duck population, you must maintain optimal conditions by removing these tall plants.  The fastest , most effective way to do this is by using the amphibious Marsh Master cutter.  

Rice Field Restoration

Why wait for the  weather or the wind to be blowing in the right direction to burn your rice fields ridding them of unwanted vegetation?  With the Marsh Master, we can access any remote location, in any standing water condition.  This rugged machine is perfect for tough terrain access year round.  We can reduce your risk of getting stuck in a location that tractors and other all terrain vehicles can't handle.  

The light weight Marsh Master won't destroy your property by leaving ruts or destroying sensitive areas. We can be in and out of there in a hurry returning your haven to its peacful, natural state in no time.

Food Plots

So you've spent the time, money and effort to seed your plots and now it's time to flood them creating a desirable habitat for waterfowl, but you can't access them due to standing water and muddy conditions.  The Marsh Master can traverse challenging environmental terrains allowing you to get the job done and reap the benefits of your investment. We conquer pluff mud!

Retention Ponds

Retention ponds are often landscaped by a variety of grasses, shrubs, and water plants to support storm water runoff. Retention ponds must be mowed and maintained  by the owner and cleared of debris.  Through on-going, quick and easy maintenance, the Marsh Master will keep your pond looking pristine and will reduce wildlife predators.  The waterfowl who congregate there will thank you and for you urbanites, so will the city!

Spraying Applications

From the deck of the Marsh Master machine we have the capability of spraying approved herbicide and pesticide applications. This is particularly useful in the control of unwanted insect habitats , mitigation of invasive vegetation and clearing of right of ways for utility easements. Talk to us about your application needs. 

Right of Way Management/ Surveyor Support

The Marsh Master MM-2LX is the perfect cutter for use by utility companies and surveyors, allowing companies to access remote, wet areas.  Not only can we clear the way of  brush and debris, we can transport utility crews and surveyors into areas that are inaccessible by truck or other utility vehicles.  Let us take you where you need to go, clearing the way to give you that clean line of site.

So many ducks, so little time. Don't miss your fly by!

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