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The Marsh Master® 

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Q:  What are the design features that make this machine versatile on both land and water?

A:  Envision an army tank with tracks supported by two pontoon floats underneath and in essence you have the concept of the design.  This machine is made of light weight aluminum and is enhanced by high ground clearance.  This clearance keeps the machine from plowing through the ground and gives it the lift it needs to ride over it, while maintaining its' forward propulsion.

Q:  Given the size and weight of this machine, how does it transverse water that is deeper than the tracks?

A:  The "boat like" pontoons give the machine buoyancy and stability creating high flotation.  This machine can cross deep canals, swamps, and rivers that other equipment can't.  Its' size allows for transportation of personnel and equipment accessing remote work sites.

​Q:  Why is this machine considered to be environmentally sound?

A:   With a low ground pressure of approximately 1 psi, the weight of the Marsh Master is distributed evenly, lightening the environmental footprint that it leaves.